Tringgr Press Release – WebRTC based plugin Free Video conference Product from India

March 8, 2014
Tringgr - WebRTC based Video Conference on the fly!!

Tringgr – WebRTC based Video Conference on the fly!!

Tringgr – Plugin Free Video Conferencing for e-Commerce, Education and Customer Support

Ever had a video conference to attend but couldn’t make it? Either because of A. low bandwidth, B. couldn’t skype, C. didn’t have the time to download software/plug-ins.

So how about a solution that only needs Chrome and uses a service that runs on the low bandwidth?

Developed by IIIT-H alumni, Sushant Pandey, Tringgr is the service which provides this multi-video conferencing and chat solution. Tringgr is part of Effect Labs started by Sushant and Shubhashish. Sushant came up with the idea and Shubhashish with his deep research interest helped with developing the code Abstraction layer over WebRTC called TringgrRTC.

Tringgr not only solved the instant conferencing needs but also open doors for presently booming online businesses in India like e-commerce, online education and live video customer support etc.

Look at a scenario where you have to buy a high value product and you have got some doubts, also you are not sure how the product actually looks. Tringgr takes on this challenge and provides live product demonstration and sales agent interaction to provide the ultimate e-commerce experience and that too from within the e-commerce website. We are planning to place Tringgr at the center of this unique online experience and we are seeing very good response from our initial market research.”  Says Sushant.

Product Description

Tringgr is ‘video conferencing on the fly’ product which provides Video Conferences or chats, Audio only conference and chat, group or private text chat, File Transfer features as of now. Its roadmap involves video integration API release, Mobile full support, Screen Sharing, Contact saving & chatting with your Facebook contacts from within Tringgr chat.

“Tringgr” has been developed with our RTC API called TringgrRTC on top of WebRTC platform and it works on low bandwidths smoothly. Our API is due to be released for other websites to extend Live Audio\Video customer chats support. 

Tringgr is intended to bring Smooth conferencing solution for Live Tutoring in eLearning, Live Product display for e-commerce with product sales assistant for high value products to give that personalized touch – this would be the ultimate experience from E-commerce.

“It will work well on lower bandwidths as we have worked on the media server to support it well. With most IT department blocking browser plugin it is clear that there needs to be another way. Tringgr serves that purpose, being designed to be an open standard video and voice communication tool that can be used on any computer with just the requirement of Chrome browser.” says Shubhashish.

How the Idea Was Born?

From India’s perspective e-Commerce has been growing like anything and video\audio support for high value products, interaction with a sales agent from sitting at home, take an in-shop experience from home is what he thinks as the ultimate e-commerce experience. Live Tutoring and online e-Learning\Test prep programs can get benefited hugely by face to face interactions etc. and that when the idea of Tringgr was born.

Tringgr works from within the browser and hence we don’t need any extra plug-ins. It can, hence will help in any service or product offering where video can add great value. Use Cases we see are: Live Tutoring (Current increase in Technology usage for Education makes it great use case), Customer Support, Live Chat Support, Interviews for HR processes, Taking actual Shops online, Proctoring online exams and real time doubt clearance, Live Reporting using Tringgr Mobile etc. With huge adoption of technology in India and continuous lowering in the cost of video infrastructure it can be seen as next big thing.

Where can we use Tringgr?

Tringgr is intended to bring Smooth conferencing solution for Live Tutoring in eLearning, Live Product display for e-commerce with product sales assistant for high value products to give that personalized touch – this would be the ultimate experience from ecommerce.

Our Market Areas Includes-

  • Video Conferencing on the fly for instant needs without any plugin.
  • Live tutoring for Education.
  • Live Product Demo for e-commerce high value products.
  • Live Audio\Video chat support on your website.

Expansion Plans

We are planning to release TringgrRTC API for providing live Audio\Video Custom Support for high end servicing like in E-commerce segment.

Live tutoring – we are running a pilot with a training institute. Post pilot we are planning to apply it to a larger scale.

E-Commerce – We see the ultimate experience of ecommerce for high value products where the sale is still less by providing Video tour of product, live video demonstration of the product and direct contact with a sales person provides a platform both for customer and seller to better communicate and hence more closers on purchases can be achieved.

WebRTC enables organization to make websites an extended channel of the contact center, and use real-time communication services like live chat, audio and video call and screen sharing right from the browser.

Tringgr – Product Team

Sushant Pandey – He is a 2005 CSE Grad from IIIT Hyderabad and has worked with Microsoft for 3 years before starting his Entrepreneurial journey. He has been running an IT Solutions company Effect Labs from past 5 years providing innovative Technology solutions around brain waves mapping, adaptive learning, mobile applications, banking solutions, location intelligence for retail and finance etc.

From past 1 year he has aligned himself more towards product development and to focus on leveraging technology driven Products in online interaction space including live tutoring on low bandwidth, instant conference needs, carrying Live Interviews, to Show your product to a prospective customer live, to provide live video\audio support for customer service etc as a first hand browsing experience. He came up with Tringgr and now it has taken shape of big software and he is planning to take it for funding in order to enhance its API and provide Tringgr services to various businesses.

Sushant was well supported by Shubhashish who bring in deep research capabilities and has contributed in the development of core abstraction layer over WebRTC called Tringgr RTC. 

Tringgr team involves 10 members and we are constantly enhancing the platform and presently it works as one of the best running WebRTC applications available.



Who am I what am I doing?

Who am I what am I doing?