Effect Labs is hiring!!

November 24, 2011

Dear Reader,
This post is not on technology but on technology appliers hence might be interesting for a few. We are expanding our team both for our product and services lines.

On the product development team we are looking for a solid Android dev who is passionate about developing Android applications and loves to be a leader with his\her solutions.

On the services team we are looking for Silverlight devs (RIA being our core focus area), ASP.NET Devs with MVC experience, A web 2.0 Designer and UX researcher. On Silverlight we are looking for very solid devs and technical leaders.

If you are great at SharePoint and a self started then you can be among the first few members of our Collaborative Application Team.

We are also starting a Media Application Team and hence are looking for Flash, Action Script and Flex senior dev.

We work on cool and challenging projects and love to have people with entrepreneurial mind-set, people who like to take on big challenges, provide quick solutions and like to work on shaping up a company. We offer great projects, very high market visibility and business visibility to dev team, very high amount of responsibility and a fun filled place.

Hope this might help you if you are looking out for a cool place to work at.

bye for now.


EffectLabs team starts blogging

November 1, 2011

This is just an information post where I would like you to take a look at our team blog (http://blog.effectlabs.com) where the Effect Labs team would be writing about technology, solutions and taking deep insights to various product and market scenarios. A dedicate team of 12 bloggers are working on it and we would be expanding its services right from blogging to forums to live chat so that the dev community can get help almost anytime.

Technology Team would focus around Silverlight, RIA Development, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint etc and Business team would be focusing on market behavior, technology evaluations, business insights to our products etc

hope our team blog would also help you finding solutions to your business problem and would be worth looking at.

thanks and bye for now.

Who am I what am I doing?

Who am I what am I doing?