Co-Founding Effect Labs – bringing dream to reality – mix of passion, hard work and big Dreams :)

August 14, 2009

I was out of blogging arena for past few months… the title should give some hint on what I was busy with. I with my two friends has set up an IT consulting firm called Effect Labs ( which focus on Silverlight and Sharepoint based custom application development.

Effect Labs


Since my Microsoft days, it was there somewhere but due to several things going within and around, it just didn’t came out then. Though to keep myself ignited I joined a services start-up so that I see the services side of the software industry and explore various opportunities.

That was the time when I and my friends joined together and we were hardcore thinkers of the product development in the area of Tourism, Media Studio, GPS based systems, Controls making company, Silverlight based CMS system, Job portal industry, Online test platform and actually various other options and opportunities. We all had our own thinking for the products and we finally came close on a few. But due to lack of funding and recession hitting at the same time our conversations didn’t went well with the investors. This left us thinking again.

Since all three of us had really good experience with the services industry and had different expertise with some common technologies to work with. This made us think seriously in the direction of setting up an IT services firm and helping businesses with the custom processes where we are good and some of the cool things we do here. One of us being highly creative with programming 🙂  and playing with Silverlight it came out really well to be used as one of the pillars, Another being highly experienced with SharePoint custom development and integration with Silverlight it came out as another pillar and ASP.NET\MVC\jQuery\JSON\WCF etc is common across us so this helped us concentrating on Microsoft technologies as well as playing the common work area.

These pillars helped us setting up a plan where we keep out instinct of being on the product side up too but just putting say a small holding time. We planned to start with Services offerings, working parallel in developing customized solutions as these work well in form of packaged services products like Silverlight controls, media kit etc Setting up these two and establishing good process and name among clients would take a bit of time but would help us leveraging out strengths to product development too.

There are many things if I talk about service offerings but I think its already a lot written above about the company so I will write things what I feel like about a company. Just to showcase the offerings in a splash here it goes – custom process setup using TFS 2008 – complete project management and collaboration with integration of VS, TFS, Sharepoint, SSRS etc and customizing TFS process templates according to a company or project needs, Custom application development using various Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET MVC, C# 3.5, WCF, WPF, Expression Blend, Silverlight (Prism, Caliburn), Sharepoint etc. and various other technologies, platforms and tools like Photoshop, jQuery, Ajax with JSON, javascript, Ext-JS etc. We bring in high quality and great user experience in the works we do and have done. There’s much to say here but lets put a stop now.

I follow and would suggest one thing – Think what you do and do what you love.  This is really very important and separates you. If you are reading this I would say to ask yourself a question – am I happy doing what I do today? (you cant be satisfied since it stops progress) If the answer is YES then you are on the right path but if it NO then this is the right time to think and find out a way to do what interests you because it gives a lot of pleasure and ultimately you progress the best in your interest area.

I hope this journey would be extraordinary and keep me on my toes always. There a long way to go and a lot of patience at this stage is required. We are fortunate to get a good start but still have seen hard time during this last 3 months – Patience and self motivation are key in this practice.

I have taken up the role of Techno\Business person in the company where I do coding, learn and implement new technologies, come up with working demos and finding process\software optimizations etc as well as looking into business expansion, doing strategic partnerships, maintaining business relationship so that we get recurring business etc There’s a lot involved actually.

I would now be writing a mix of both technology and business in due course. Hope the experience would be good.



Who am I what am I doing?

Who am I what am I doing?