Publish post from Microsoft Word 2007

Let’s take a look into on of the utilities\feature of Microsoft Word 2007 where you can write, edit and publish new or old posts to variety of blog service providers including wordpress and blogspot. In this post we will go step by step setting an wordpress account in my word document blog publish utility. This is actually called offline blogging or desktop blogging where you write a blog on some application offline and then publish them to web\blog service provider or providers at once whenever you want.

When you open a Word document click on File menu to find more options present there and then you can see a publish option present as shown in the image below:


You can then see another document getting opened with new menu items as publish, home etc and a pop-up window for creating a new account would come. You can setup word publish to work with wordpress, blogger, community server, sharepoint blog, typepad etc. This can be seen in the image below:


Once you select the blog service provider for setting an account you will proceed to the new window. I selected wordpress and then entered the blog url along with the credentials to use my wordpress account\data here in the offline mode. It works by the medium of webservices to get the data for you or load your data to your blog server provider. You can also provide your photo or imager server url to use the post images from.


Now, we are ready to write a new post in our word document and publish from the same page menu. We can get our older posts, review it, edit it and then republish the same. Click on Home page in the menu shows your blog home page, you can manage different accounts and then using it can publish the same post to multiple providers.

Hope this will help to some of you!!

Happy Blogging…

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