Web Aggregation: It’s a one STOP get All

September 29, 2008

What is there in a shopping mall? It’s a one stop shop kind of thing where you have various options available for whatever you want to buy, of course the mall should be selling what you are planning to buy.

Now let’s move to the internet world which actually is a forest and then we have several websites offering same services. This made people to think on why not try to take the pain of maintaining similar service on multiple site from the user and help them with the concept of shopping mall. The outcome was called Web Aggregation. Its there from quite a while.

Lets take a few examples like meebo which aggregates you IM\Messenger and there you can maintain all you messenger simultaneously. A plugin also comes to add this to your blog so that you can chat with your reader. Blogging has taken quite a good place in our internet life hence we cant ignore the blog aggregators.

Other example could be on the email side where even as of now we can view different email on our desktop client. Though it might also look awesome to have over the web provided the complexity has been handled properly along with nice UI. We find a lot of social websites, travel sites, e-commerce websites and this list is very long to be put here though the point is basically to work on taking them to a common platform and let the user manage them easily on you aggregator.


Who am I what am I doing?

Who am I what am I doing?