Ramp Dev Xplode aka RDX – Ramp’s Annual R&D event

Ramp India has started a new culture in itself to promote, recongnize and award out of box thinker by starting annual R&D event. We kicked off the first event Today and its going to be mind racing\grilling 24 hours to come up with a prototype, patentable idea, software :), technical article, solution to business problem, process improvement proposals etc.

I found great response from fellow Rampers towards the event and as many as 11 teams registered for the event and all 23 participants seem to be fighting for the Title. Its around 1 AM and still these freeks dont want to take rest. It gives me a pleasure to sense the success of our first step.

People are working on Google Maps annotation with social networking and local services incorporation, Single page Book Mangement System using CMS and presented with Silverlight, Image Folder compression, Toolkit to enable drag-n-drop for Ajax Server Control and making a peronalized home page, Enabling Search from within VS for mouse down and up actions, Categorized Search Engine prototype, Localized intranet chat, Intranet machine monitoring system, Complex RegEx builder and checker etc

I am looking forward to see all of these getting as much completed as possible in this one day and then attend the presentation by all team. I am excited to be part of RDX… lets see who wins!! fingers crossed.

keep an eye…

bye for now.

visit my team at http://global.rampgroup.com

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Who am I what am I doing?

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