What if you have an Idea but Technology involved is not yet ripe?

I found this question somewhere on linkedIn and hence thought of putting my views on this in the current post. Some times this happens that we got some cool idea where we see a good market too but then we find that we are thinking a bit ahead and the present technology involved with our idea is present but not in the beset of its shape, so what shall we do? shall we just plunk our idea or is there something more which we can think about.

In my view, in most of the scenarios the same work could be done using alternate technology (because mostly the new technology would be providing more of automation, some features to help the development along with say some new features about which you are not sure because they are not stablalized).

If the target technology is path breaking whose alternate is not there (very less chance indeed) then also you can go ahead if have a very strong belief on your idea. The best you can do here is to get some patents done on the idea, implementation etc so that you also evolve as the technology and the patents will help you in getting the fruits later.

If the alternate technology is there go ahead use that and complete the product. You can make the development scalable and flexible enough to even adopt the new technology you are talking about later, once it ripe.

Also, when you go about actual working for an idea to a product, at any point of time you always have a lot of options to choose from in terms of both product and technology. It’s more about your firmness and belief for the product or idea, how good the market reseach has gone and how good your business, revenue and growth plans are.

Put in your comments and views too on this.

bye for now.

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Who am I what am I doing?

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