3D Computer and 3D Experience – my random thoughts

3D Experience on your Desktop, Can we make a 3D exhibiting device using software changes or even by using completely different hardware or devices 🙂

In this post I will try to put my views, ideas, random thoughts towards having a 3D experience on windows desktop as well as for some apps.

Can’t we treat our desktop as on of the 6 faces of a cube which can help us in taking the current desktop to 6 more dimensions you can say with giving 3D like experience in 2D world itself. A cursor drag at the corners of desktop would cause the other face to slide in or clicking on a arrow button at the corners would do the same or clicking on 2D matrix views of complete cube will take you the particular face of cube which was clicked by a user on the 2D matrix. The hover effect on the 2D matrix will enable the user to view an enlarged image of a particular face of cube. Now am I asking for a windows desktop code to change 🙂 yes and no, yes to get the experience from the base (Windows), No – you can enable a theme which would do things for you, here you would need to design the other 5 faces as windows just give you one (which you will any how override with your theme.

We can talk of having a 3D experience on your computer screen itself with the help of specially designed monitors where you can use a glass to get the 3D experience of desktop and can switch to normal 2D experience. The mixed mode of this experience would give a user an extra dimension of digital lifestyle experience.

Ok, let’s look at this thought and try to think and put your comments. What could be the shape of monitor, surface if you want a real 3D experience and which technology would you go with? CRT – with electron not hitting the screen rather hitting some gas like helium or other which or some sort of laser experience to give a real 3D experience using an open air tool or a closed window box. I can think of spherical shape would be good to have length; width; height components for any object and would help you to take a look of that object from rear and sides tooJ. This also needs to have great calculations of for proper ratio for relative distance of things as well as the best of graphics, Comp Vision and virtual reality. Let’s see if people are looking into these.

Hologram, looks different from different angles giving the impression of 3D and well orientation change. I know that research is going on in the direction of using Hologram for achieving 3D Computer at all. If we can dynamically put objects on a hologram surface we would certainly be able to get 3D experience going on. This needs a closer look into hologram image and impressions.

Put in your thoughts and comments and lets try to get something useful out of this post 🙂

Bye for now.
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Who am I what am I doing?

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