Just another blogger :)

Don’t just go with the title 🙂 it might be misleading. So, here is Sushant starting to share his personal and professional experiences, observations, thinking and views on various domains\areas\things etc.

My Blog Title “Take it or Make it” tells about what I think. It means take things\proceedings etc as they originally are OR make\change them as you want it. This, in my opinion, applies to almost every aspect of life. We keep on saying things didn’t happen the right way or the way how we wanted them too but did we try to make them as how we want or is it that we just expected or wanted.

On the professional front, I am a B.Tech Comp Sci from IIIT Hyderabad and started my career with Microsoft India (R&D) Development Center as a SDE in Dev Tool Groups. I worked there for Two and a half years and then moved to a Services startup called as Ramp Technology Group, India Center (www.rampgroup.com , http://india.rampgroup.com/) following my Entrepreneurial mindset. I work here as a multi role personality responsible for some projects, technology process setup for new Microsoft Technologies, Internal process setup to help Devlopment environment, Trainer, Interest Group setup’s to facilitate the R&D needs of the company. I will be talking about many technologies we work on or where I have tried my hands on. All the sweet and bitter experiences we have playing with softwares and tips and tricks we can do with VS, SQL, BI, Silverlight, TFS etc etc.

Hope to get good response from you and looking forward to share more…

keep an eye here. bye for now and have a good day.

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Who am I what am I doing?

Who am I what am I doing?

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